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Louise L. Hay founded the I Can Do It! Conference four years ago as a forum for kindred spirits to gather, commune, and heal themselves and each other. The I Can Do It! Conference is intended to revitalize your soul, charge your body’s subtle energy centers, and bring a sparkle to your eyes.

Here is a sample of what prior conference attendees have said:

- My spiritual journey has been elevated to a whole new emotional level.
- It was very nice to see so many like-minded people all together in one place.
- Fully satisfied my intellectual and spiritual side.
- The love and acceptance I felt was unconditional.
- Just the boost I needed to stay on the spiritual path and be true to myself.
- Exceeded all my expectations.

The Conference provides an opportunity to step outside your normal day-to-day life and wholly concentrate on yourself. How will the I Can Do It! Conference affect you? The only way to find out is to show up! You can participate for the entire event, a single day or an evening. There are many options for registration.

After each session, speakers will be available to meet fans and autograph books.

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